Michael A Muhammad was born in Washington, DC and raised in the DMV(District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia area). As this book reveals, he got caught up in the use of drugs at the early age of 10 years old. For 14 years of his life, starting with a simple experience with marijuana, it escalated to alcoholism, cigarettes, hallucinogens, snorting cocaine and the biggest monster of them all, crack cocaine. While being trapped behind the bars of his own thinking in a living hell, facing death and self-destructive behavior was the norm. Fantasy was reality. Falsehood was the truth, and lifestyle was death itself.

We paint this picture to illustrate the fact that there is light at the end of this tunnel. There are a lot of great encounters that took place in Michael’s life to make this a great journey of triumph. Michael’s book, “Walking TheRoad To Recovery 9 Steps In Motion,” charts out this journey and has now become a big part of Michael’s purpose in life. Although there are many great treatment programs for substance abuse all around the country, Michael did not take advantage of any of them. The unique set of circumstances surrounding Michael’s experience afforded him the opportunity to take divinely guided steps that would eventually become this great road to travel toward recovery. 

This journey, “9 Steps In Motion,” is put together like a great recipe of your favorite desserts. The instructions are laid out with simplicity. Michael has accepted the challenge to be the corner man for all who are ready to get in the ring and fight to win against drug abuse. This great journey led Michael to become a servant of The Most High, a responsible husband and father, a successful business man, and the author of this great book with a study course and curriculum on the way.


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