9 steps in motion is a recovery program that will change your life for the better good.

Welcome to A New Beginning

Change My Life

9 Steps In Motion










Make the decision

Finding the love

Out with the old

In with the new

Process the data

Patience with the process

Focus on today

Know where you're going

Stay relevant

Change My Life

The first step to the life you deserve

Change My Life


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"This book is the equivalent a man talking with a long-time friend and sharing with him (you) his personal journey. During this journey he takes you on, you will laugh, cry, think and above all, you will reflect upon your own journey. No matter what struggle you face, this is a highly recommended book that you won't be able to put down!"

-Vaughn A Muhammad

"I thought this book would be just a read, but it really is a study guide. Your book needs to be studied step by step. I read step one and I have to let that step marinate. This book can truly help with any kind of addiction, whether it is food, money, sex etc. Great sharing my brother! Everyone should study this book, because we ALL have some type of addiction!!!!"

 - Sidney R. Barnes

"This man took his struggle and turned it into inspiration for others. I am honored to have met him and grateful for his story that will bring hope to anyone who needs the will to get up and overcome addiction. God bless this man"

-Dedicated Behavioral Health Foundation

Steps In Motion Saved Me....

I am Michael Muhammad, founder of 9 Steps in Motion. I developed this program to save people in the same way this program saved my life.


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